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Bull Metal supports local church mission work by contributing to a golf outing.

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D2P Article about BMP

As a job shop that produces a wide variety of products for OEM’s in many sectors of the industrial market place, a very informative article was recently written about Bull Metal Products in Design 2 Part magazine.

Click here to get more insight into the history of Bull Metal Products and our capabilities; http://www.design2partmagazine.com/Article.aspx?ArticleID=525



Powder Coated Finishes

Powder Coated Finishes
Finishing sheet metal parts is important for several reasons; aesthetics, and protection from corrosion. Although we can have some parts plated (or anodized in the case of aluminum parts), the majority of products manufactured at Bull Metal Products are powder coated in-house.
Not only are powder coated finishes durable and aesthetically pleasing, the process is environmentally friendly because it is not solvent based, and there are no solvents required to flush the lines and clean the guns. Over the past 30+ years the variety of powder coated finishes available rival liquid paint finishes. Virtually any color, gloss, and texture can be matched to meet our customer’s requirements. Textured finishes include hammertone, sandtex, and crinkle, among a host of others.
There are different types of powder formulations available to provide varying levels of corrosion protection. Most powders will easily pass a 1000 hour salt spray test. Depending on the end use of a product; primarily interior vs exterior or harsh environment, different types of powders such as epoxies are available to better protect the underlying metal from corrosion. A key to attaining a quality finish with good surface protection is making sure the powder bonds well to the underlying material. At Bull Metal we degrease our parts and wash in an iron phosphate bath to provide a superior underlying surface for powder adherence. Additional protection can be afforded if the underlying material is galvanealed steel or stainless steel.

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