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CPU Security Enclosure

Bull Metal created this CPU Security Enclosure for a global engineering company. The purpose of the CPU Security Enclosure is to provide computer and server protection. These CPU Security Enclosures protect your hardware, along with limiting access to USB drives, plugs and on/off functions. This enclosure is made from high-quality steel, powder coated white and built to keep your computer’s data secure. The enclosure features a lock and front/back pattern which blocks access to CD and USB drives while preventing overheating.

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Scoop Box For Small Storage

Keep your smallest parts and tools together with Bull Metal’s Scoop Box for small storage. This popular product easily fits into our metal tool chests. This is part of our “G-Series” scoop boxes.

Scoop box for small storage









This scoop box features:

  • 18” x 12” x 3” hinged cover box with a catch for organized storage of small parts
  • 24 gage cold rolled steel outer shell
  • Powder coated industrial gray
  • Injection molded high impact styrene plastic interior
  • ADJ- G; (8) dividers included.
  • Compartments are adjustable in 1” increments front to back.Welded steel outer shell
  • Injected molded high impact styrene shell
  •  Bottom of compartments rounded for ease in “scooping out” small
  •  Carry handle for easy transport
  •  Center catch to secure lid and keep contents securely in place when
    in transit
  • Full-width piano hinge

Check them out in the Bull Metal Catalog

Bull Metal Products, Inc

191 Saybrook Rd., Middletown, CT 06457
Ph: 860.346.9691 Fx: 860.346.2722
E-mail: sales@bullmetal.com




Keeping your garage and or manufacturing facility warm in the winter

Keeping your garage and or manufacturing facility warm in the winterKeeping your garage and or manufacturing facility warm in the winter. The New Year is announcing itself in New England by providing us with sub-zero temperatures. The temperatures can make any outdoor worker or person who works in a manufacturing facility miserable during the cold days. Happy and warm employees equal productive employees. Here are some ways for your manufacturing and garage employees to stay warm in the winter.

  1. Install a heat pump. We manufacture the enclosures for these and they can be an effective way to heat smaller spaces. There are three types of heat pumps: air-to-air, water source, and geothermal. They collect heat from the air, water, or ground outside your building and concentrate it for use inside.
  2. Insulate the walls. This will also keep it cool in the summer.
  3. Replace weather stripping on doors and windows. If you feel air seeping into the garage,  use a pry bar and flat scraper or putty knife to strip the old weather stripping. Using the knife will make the process much easier. The cleaner and smoother you can make the surface, the easier it will be to install the new weatherstripping, and the better it will seal.
  4. Keep extra gloves and hats around. Keep spares around for employees who have not brought them in.
  5. Keep a list of how to stay warm in the facility. This list may include tips to instruct employees on how to layer clothing etc to keep warm.

Phone: (860) 346-9691
Fax: (860) 346-2722
E-mail: sales@bullmetal.com
Website: www.bullmetal.com

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