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At the request of our good customer GARD Specialists (www.gardspecialist.com) in Eagle River, WI, Bull Metal Products designed and developed a unique, compact and very functional proprietary 29- piece drill index.  We were no strangers to developing other projects with GARD, including a number of other specialty drill, tap, and end mill indexes.

Although this concept had been brought to light by GARD many years ago, it had been dormant for quite a while.  Thegard-29-piece-index-1 project came alive this past spring.  GARD re-engaged with us to develop an index that had some very specific requirements that other indexes on the market did not meet.

The index had to;

  • Allow the end user visibility of all the drill bits at one-time (not flipping through smaller sections of indexed bits).
  • Allow unimpeded access to the individual bits so they can be easily removed and returned to the index.
  • Be capable of standing upright on a work bench to allow the end-user to see and select bits easily in a shop situation.
  • Fold up compactly and securely for mobile use in a tool box or tool apron.
  • Have bit sizes clearly marked and easily readable.
  • Be unique to the market if possible – bringing brand recognition to GARD Specialists Company.

Since we have designed and manufactured other indexes for GARD in the past, the immediate thought was in trying to carry a similar look and function forward to the larger 29-piece size.  GARD liked that idea, as having a consistent look and function seemed like a natural way to expand the family of gard-29-piece-index-5indexes while further building brand recognition.

Upon receiving a complete set of GARD’s drill bits and the above noted requirements, Bull Metal Products went to work designing and engineering the new index.  We made an initial sample that GARD reviewed and provided feedback noting some desired additions, and modifications.  Bull Metal then incorporated the changes into another sample submitted to GARD for final approval.

The initial production run was shipped early this fall.  In a recent meeting with Dave Everett, president of GARD Specialist Co. (www.gardspecialist.com), Dave emphatically stated that everyone at Gard is extremely pleased with the new index, and that they have great expectations of it being embraced by GARD’s customers. gard-29-piece-index-6

This is a great example of two small to moderate sized American companies working closely together to bring a new version of an old product to market.  Do you have an idea that requires a dynamic sheet metal design and manufacturing team to help you get it moving forward??  Give Bull Metal Products a call.


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