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Bull Metal is a Lean Manufacturing Company

Bull Metal has been a Lean company for several years now. Lean Manufacturing is a way to lessen waste and production time. It is a continuous improvement system that stems from the Toyota Production System (TPS). Lean Manufacturing also improves manufacturing efficiency and quality. Lean Manufacturing not only has helped manufacturing companies but also restaurants such as fast food establishments.

The following items are the 7 wastes Lean Manufacturing gets rid of (TOM D WIP).

Processing Overage

Lean Manufacturing also has a 5 step process to improve production.

Specify value from the standpoint of the end customer by product family.
Identify all the steps in the value stream for each product family, eliminating whenever possible those steps that do not create value.
Make the value-creating steps occur in tight sequence so the product will flow smoothly toward the customer.
As flow is introduced, let customers pull value from the next upstream activity.
As value is specified, value streams are identified, wasted steps are removed, and flow and pull are introduced, begin the process again and continue it until a state of perfection is reached in which perfect value is created with no waste (continuous improvement).

When buying from Bull Metal you can be assured that your product was created in a Lean Manufacturing environment. All of our toolboxes, storage cabinets, electrical enclosures, novelty boxes and more are designed with care and made with quality. These are the values that Lean Manufacturing instills.

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