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Lighting Control Enclosure

Lighting control enclosure: As a well-recognized supplier of enclosures, cabinets, and chassis to OEM’s in wide range of industries, Bull Metal Products worked closely with our customer in the design and development of this lighting control cabinet.  It is actually the master control cabinet for multiple integrated systems in which lighting control is an important part of the system.

lighting control enclosure The cabinet’s features include take-apart hinges that allow complete removal of the door in the field to make for unencumbered access for the installing electrician or a service technician.  This feature is also significant for the assembly process in the factory.  With the door being removable, each unit takes up less space on a bench or conveyer when it is being built.  The back boxes are more easily handled in production without doors.  The door is installed as the last step in assembly.

The complete, operational enclosure requires a number various components; relays, PC boards, switches, jacks, touch screens, circuit breakers, etc.  Although our responsibility was only the sheet metal fabrication, the stack up of electronic components was significant which required close attention to detail in fabrication of the cabinet.  Multiple PC boards and other components are mounted on welded brackets in the back box and/or stacked on top of one another, and then required to align with penetrations in the dead front panel which is a loose part secured by fasteners.  Bull Metal’s engineering team tackled the challenge and brought some production cost saving ideas to our customer’s attention.  Being able to secure the relays with one fastener instead of two fasteners was one such saving – not so much in the hardware, but in the build out labor.  The use of extruded holes for self-taping fasteners as an alternative to pressed in threaded inserts (pems) is another cost saving detail that we worked hard in developing with our customer.

The enclosure has an attractive and durable powder coated finish with a screen-printed name/logo on the door. With an end use that often is outside in the elements this gasketed NEMA 3 enclosure is an example of the type of products fabricated at Bull Metal Products.

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Proudly Made In the USA by our skilled American work force

Laboratory Counter Rack System

Laboratory Counter Rack System

laboratory counter rack system

Laboratory Counter Rack System The challenge our customer brought to us was to design a custom counter top storage rack that would display multiple size bottles in a predetermined, organized, but limited space.  This had to be done while being able to read all bottle labels and have needed mixing tools and instruments within reach.

The result, as shown above, is a two level counter rack with correct shelf height and depth to store and display large bottles.  The multi-level removable “bleacher type” insert is designed to store an assortment of smaller bottles with the ability of the user to read the labels without having to shuffle the bottles around.  The mixing tools and laboratory counter rack systeminstrument holder fit snugly on either shelf.  Each shelf, including insert, has a 1/4″ high front lip to prevent bottles from tipping or falling out.  Rubber feet (6) are affixed to cabinet’s bottom to prevent surface scratching and firmly hold cabinet in place.  Finish is a durable powder coat with a screen printed logo that proudly represent this company in the marketplace.  Packaging is designed to withstand domestic and international shipping.  Please let us provide you with a no cost quote for your any similar future or current projects your company may be considering.

Proudly Made in the USA by our dedicated and skilled American work force.

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Steel Document and Data Storage Boxes

Steel Document and Data Storage BoxesSteel Document and Data Storage Boxes

Steel Document and Data Storage Boxes: Bull Metal recently completed a custom job for a customer that requested stackable metal document/data storage boxes.  The boxes are made with 22 gage cold rolled steel and powder coated light gray.  Although it is light gage sheet metal, they are very rigid, and being steel can be stacked much higher than corrugated boxes.

Design features include a pad-lockable catch, (2) drop handles to facilitate handling, and embossed feet that align with de-bossed projections in the cover. This feature is key for safe stacking.  First the boxes cannot easily slide off one another when stacked. Second, the boxes are properly aligned so stacking does lean (if floor is level).  This is particularly important the higher they are stacked.

Steel Document and Data Storage Boxes

As boxes go they are significantly more costly than corrugated. However the benefits of metal storage boxes are important to note. Metal boxes are strong and durable and can be re-used for many years.  Metal boxes can be stacked higher than corrugated boxes.  Documents and data storage devices are better protected because the boxes will not collapse and deform the paper files or crush other data storage devises stored in them.  Because they can be locked, casual access to the information stored within is eliminated.  High stack-ability can mean lower warehouse square footage requirements.  The long term durability of metal boxes, and lower cost for warehouse space should be considered when comparing the total cost of corrugated document storage boxes to metal document storage boxes.


Steel Document and Data Storage Boxes


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