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Custom Enclosure vs Modifying a Stock Enclosure

  • Are you purchasing stock enclosures and making modifications to them to mount critical components that are part of your proprietary finished product?
  • Are you doing this because you feel your volume is too low and that custom fabricated enclosures are un-affordable?

Nothing sells your product better than word of mouth by happy customers who feel they bought a quality product at a fair price – they feel a sense of value with regard to your product.

When it comes to enclosures and cabinets for electronics and electro-mechanical devices, how your product is viewed by end-users is critical to their perception of the value of your product.  You may have a great proprietary system of software and hardware that is unique to the market, and/or superior to your competitors.  It is of great importance that your customer’s perception of your product is one of quality and good value.  You do not want your customer thinking; “I paid big bucks for this system and it looks like it was put together by the three stooges.”

Exterior appearance is the first thing that hits your customer.  Is the finish good-looking?  Are there number miscellaneous small scratches here and there from extensive secondary work being done to it after it was painted or plated?  Fit and function are clearly the most important aspects with regard to the use of the product by the end user.    Does your product look professionally manufactured?  If an installer or end user opens it up to check on something or reset something will he think this is a “pretty cheesy” product?  Are there unfinished brackets, raw areas lacking finish, evidence of holes being drilled after finish, metal chips in the bottom from drilling holes after finish, gouges and scratches, etc.??

Are you purchasing stock enclosures from the local electrical supply house and modifying them to mount your boards, switches, relays, etc. by drilling holes, cutting openings, attaching brackets, etc.?  How accurately are you measuring the cost of doing so?  Do your finished products look professionally manufactured and exude a sense of value in appearance and assembly details?

Many times our customers are surprised to find out how affordable custom fabricated enclosures are, especially if they do an honest review of what their true costs are of modifying a stock enclosure. A custom color finish with your name and logo screen-printed on the enclosure really seals the deal regarding the appearance of professionally made enclosure and the overall sense of value your customer will assign to your product.

Bull Metal Products has over 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing quality custom metal enclosures, cabinets, and chassis. From simple pressed in threaded studs or stand-offs to complicated welded bracketry and mounting platforms, we can simplify your assembly work by integrating much of it into a professionally manufactured custom metal enclosure.  Give us a call to discuss your enclosure requirements.

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