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NEED A PROTOTYPE?                    dsc01392

Are you in the midst of a new project that requires a custom fabricated sheet metal component? Or, perhaps you are modifying an existing product to create the next generation of that product line and the design improvements will not work with your existing enclosure, cabinet, or chassis. This is a situation that requires a hands-on prototype to prove out the new product or the design changes for fit and function.

Look to Bull Metal for prototypes

In such situations, you do not have to go to a costly prototype shop.  You can look to Bull Metal Products to work with you in the design and development of the custom fabricated sheet metal prototypes necessary for your new product.  There is no better way to develop the fabricated sheet metal components required for a product than with a company that can also run the production parts upon your approval of the sample.

In the sampling process, we will incorporate construction design details in the prototype that allow for economic cost efficient manufacturing when the product is released for production.  With over 60 years of custom sheet metal fabrication experience, we have a wealth of knowledge that allows us to be very creative in tackling the particular challenges that each project brings with it.dsc01393

Prototypes more than a test for fit and function

Of course making prototypes to prove out the fit and function of a new design, or changes to an existing design is a primary reason to make prototypes.  However, another huge benefit is having the opportunity to get your customers’ feedback on a new product by putting a working prototype in their hands.  Often you can also get some preliminary market feedback should you take the prototype to a trade show to generate interest in the new product.

Samples for agency testing and market feedback


Many times, the next step is to make a small sample run of the approved prototype for agency testing (UL, CSA, etc), or deeper market testing prior to going to full scale production. Bull Metal Products can be your one stop shop for product design, prototypes, sample size production runs, and full scale production.  Whether it is an access control enclosure, a security system cabinet, an electronic chassis, a tool box, or any other type of custom fabricated sheet metal product, you can count on Bull Metal Products to meet your needs.


Bull Metal Attends ASIS Trade Show Orlando

asai-2016-a   timer-control-panel-with-hinged-inner-deadfront-panel-removed-big   asis-2016-d  annuciator-enclosure-open-big    asis-2016-b

As an manufacturer of custom designed electrical enclosures, Bull Metal Products recently attended the ASIS International Security trade show at the Orlando Convention Center September 12-15. The show was a great opportunity to meet with our current customers and see first hand the many products that we design and manufacture in operation and displayed in our customers show booths. Bull Metal products on display consisted of security/alarm enclosures, access control panels, control panels, housings, shrouds and chassis assemblies. As we  walked the entire show floor we had the opportunity to view the latest electronic components in security technology. This hands on approach helps us in our design and development process for fabricated sheet metal products needed to support this constantly changing cutting edge industry moving forward.

Bull Metal Products staff has been attending national and regional  trade shows for the industries we serve for most of the 62 years we have been in business. These trade shows are a great vehicle for us to not only see our products in use but to observe industry trends first hand, ask questions and to better understand how the products we produce will be used and what’s important to the end user.

Please contact us http://www.bullmetal.com/contact-bull-metal-products/ if you will be displaying or attending a future trade show. We would  be very much interested in learning about your company and discussing how Bull Metal Products can help in the development and manufacturing of all you fabricated sheet metal needs.

Congratulations to LAB Security Systems

A long-time customer, LAB Security Systems, has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification this past Spring.  As with our tubing vendor, Kirk Eastern, as mentioned in an earlier blog, this benefits both Bull Metal and LAB.  When products and services conform to International Standards, customers can have confidence that they are safe and consistent.  Our relationship has become more focused on meeting customer requirements as LAB and Bull Metal now carry the ISO seal of quality that is recognized worldwide.  This has had a positive effect on both quality and delivery performance.  Bull Metal appreciates LAB’s achievement.


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