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Bull Metal Attends ASIS Trade Show Orlando

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As an manufacturer of custom designed electrical enclosures, Bull Metal Products recently attended the ASIS International Security trade show at the Orlando Convention Center September 12-15. The show was a great opportunity to meet with our current customers and see first hand the many products that we design and manufacture in operation and displayed in our customers show booths. Bull Metal products on display consisted of security/alarm enclosures, access control panels, control panels, housings, shrouds and chassis assemblies. As we  walked the entire show floor we had the opportunity to view the latest electronic components in security technology. This hands on approach helps us in our design and development process for fabricated sheet metal products needed to support this constantly changing cutting edge industry moving forward.

Bull Metal Products staff has been attending national and regional  trade shows for the industries we serve for most of the 62 years we have been in business. These trade shows are a great vehicle for us to not only see our products in use but to observe industry trends first hand, ask questions and to better understand how the products we produce will be used and what’s important to the end user.

Please contact us http://www.bullmetal.com/contact-bull-metal-products/ if you will be displaying or attending a future trade show. We would  be very much interested in learning about your company and discussing how Bull Metal Products can help in the development and manufacturing of all you fabricated sheet metal needs.

Congratulations to LAB Security Systems

A long-time customer, LAB Security Systems, has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification this past Spring.  As with our tubing vendor, Kirk Eastern, as mentioned in an earlier blog, this benefits both Bull Metal and LAB.  When products and services conform to International Standards, customers can have confidence that they are safe and consistent.  Our relationship has become more focused on meeting customer requirements as LAB and Bull Metal now carry the ISO seal of quality that is recognized worldwide.  This has had a positive effect on both quality and delivery performance.  Bull Metal appreciates LAB’s achievement.


RFQ; Request for Quote

Quality Input = Meaningful Output / Accurate Quote

Whether you are a manufacturer looking for a custom sheet metal enclosure for an access control system, a program cabinet for marketing your automotive aftermarket products, a custom tool box specifically designed to fit your tool and accessories, or any other specialty product that requires custom fabricated sheet metal components, Bull Metal can meet your needs.

The question many perspective customers have is; How do I get started?  What information do I need to provide to the company I have chosen to quote on the project?


The first thing we need to know; what is the end use of the product and how it will be used; tool box, electronic enclosure, chassis, industrial storage product, novelty box, promotional cabinet, etc.SEM Wall Cab 1

The second thing we need is a sense of what your estimated annual quantity requirements may be.  Many times if the project is a new product to the market, this number is a guestimate – which is OK.  The answer to this question may impact how the job is designed and constructed which in turn relates to the machines and equipment used to produce the cabinet, enclosure, box, chassis, etc.  Bull Metal Products will approach your project with the most economical design and construction techniques to minimize the production cost.


From here, it is primarily all about the construction details to develop the most suitable, cost effective design that meets your requirements from both an end-user perspective for fit and function, and from an aesthetic perspective for the nature of the industry that your finished product is serving.http://www.bullmetal.com/images/chassis-for-water-processing-device-big.jpg

Below is a general list of details we need answered in order to provide you with a meaningful quote.

  • Is the job required to meet some sort of industry standard, or code requirement (NEMA, UL, etc.)?
  • What is the weight of product going in or on the fabricated sheet metal container/product (tool box, program cabinet, industrial storage product, enclosure, etc.)? This helps in determining the gage of metal best suited for your product.
  • Is it a design that requires a hinged door or cover?
  • Does it require threaded studs, stand-offs, or other inserted hardware?
  • What penetrations are required? – mounting holes, knockouts, etc.
  • Does it require welded internal parts? – Brackets, dividers, etc.
  • Hardware – other hardware requirements; cam locks, handles, catches, hasps, gaskets, rubber pads, etc.
  • What type of finish; powder coat, anodize, plate? What color?
  • Is labeling or screen-printing required?
  • Are there any sub-assembly requirements as part of our value added work such as mounting a relay or transformer?
  • Packaging; bulk or individual, specific packaging requirements?

The above list is basic information needed to quote any type of project.  As no two projects are exactly the same, it is likely there will be other pertinent information that is specific to your product that will need to be considered in our quoting process.  Give the experts at Bull Metal Products a call to discuss the details of you project.

All products proudly made in the USA by skilled American workers.

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