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Who do you want to take your next project from concept to finished product?

The team at Bull Metal Products has designed, prototyped, and delivered many high profile, high volume, products over the years.  But, high volume is not required to engage our team.  We work equally as well on lower volume projects.  Our team listens to you, and creates the products that meet your very specific requirements.

One call and we have you covered!  It is a turn-key proposition when you engage Bull Metal Products.  You steer the ship, we handle the details.

Bull Metal Products (www.bullmetal.com) is your go-to source for custom fabrication in sheet metal, rigid wire, and light gage tubing material.  From custom enclosures for electro-mechanical control devices, access control cabinets, fire annunciator panels, medical device enclosures, and chassis of all types, to custom tool boxes, novelty boxes, and promo boxes, we can do it all, and we do it all in-house.

Bull Display Products (www.bulldisplay.com) is your go-to source for custom retail point-of-purchase displays and merchandizers.  We design and fabricate all kinds of POP displays; floor displays, countertop displays, wall displays, spinners, endcaps and more.

So… Who”, do you want to handle your next project that requires custom fabricated products??  The answer is clearly, BULL METAL PRODUCTS!

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Bull Metal Products Answers “the call”

BULL METAL PRODUCTS answers “the call”…our customer’s call for a custom fabricated industrial cart designed for a particular use.

Meyer Gage in South Windsor, CT (http://www.meyergage.com/company/), manufacturers of pin gages and related precision inspection products, had been thinking about the concept of a mobile, quality inspection center for a number of years.  They had considered some of the standard industrial carts on the market, but were not able to find one that satisfied their requirements.

Meyer places “the call” to Bull

Bull Metal Products has been manufacturing Meyer Gage’s custom 4 drawer pin kit library cabinets for over 10 years, so it was only natural for James Meyer to contact us when he was ready to bring the mobile quality inspection center to life.  He was fully aware of our custom fabrication capabilities working with sheet metal, rigid wire, and light gage tubing.

Bull answers “the call”

After several meetings (including the classic napkin sketch), enough information was gathered to make a prototype for hands-on evaluation, and limited test market presentations.  Several requirements were critical to Meyer Gage; 1) it must hold a minimum of 2 Meyer Gage Pin Kit Library cabinets.  2) the carts had to safely carry up to 250 lbs, 3) the foot print had to be minimized to allow the cart to get close to work centers, 4) it must be stable when in motion, 5) it must have a work surface and tool storage tray.

Bull designs and fabricates the cart.

After several modifications to the initial sample, Bull Metal Products had satisfied our customer’s requirements, and the 1st production order was placed.  Meyer Gage is very pleased with the end product and the whole process from Sales, Design & Engineering, Sampling, to the delivery of the initial production parts.

Meyer Gage Cart

Meyer Gage mobile quality inspection center (http://www.gageshop.com/product/tool-cart/); cart and cabinets designed and produced by Bull Metal Products, Inc.


Electrical Enclosures

electrical enclosures     custom electrical enclosures

We recently completed a NEMA 1 Type Electrical Enclosure project for a major player in the gas detection industry. This NEMA 1 Type enclosure is key lockable and has two rear keyhole slots and two drilled holes for secure wall mounting. The front cover is designed to accommodate  a LCD display, six LCD lights and has an opening to connect and install a keypad. The interior has 10 pems to mount circuit boards and back up power supply. The top and bottom have three and the right side has four predrilled holes to accommodate wiring and connectors. The enclosure measures 10.5″W x 12.5″H x 2.5″D and is finished in a dark gray powder coat.

Bull Metal has been designing and manufacturing custom electrical enclosures for over 62 years. Please contact us anytime to help you design and manufacture your next enclosure project.

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