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Iacucci Joins BMP Sales Team!

Bull Metal Products is pleased to announce the addition of Lee Iaccuci to our sales team.  Lee comes to us with many years of experience in marketing and selling fabricated sheet metal products.  His knowledge and expertise with industrial storage product solutions is well recognized by customers in both distribution and manufacturing.

Lee will be instrumental in helping to create a marketing plan for Bull Metal Products brand of industrial storage productsWe anticipate some new product offerings under Lee’s guidance.  He will also focus on the company’s custom fabrication capabilities for original equipment manufacturers of tools, electrical and electronic enclosures, chassis, annunciator panels, and other specialty items. 

Bull Metal Products is actively seeking manufacture’s representatives

Contact Larry at 860-346-9691.

Bull Metal Builds Large Box Cell!

After the success of creating a “Small Box Cell”, the newest Kaizen Team faced the challenge of building a “Large Box Cell” that would help reduce inventory, control defects, and improve operational efficiencies.  By the end of the Kaizen event, (2) 8 ft. brake presses, (5) welders, and a conveyor were all implemented into a “cell”, which addressed all of the objectives the team faced at the start of the project.  The cell will also promote all the Lean initiatives Bull Metal has developed since the start of our Lean Journey.  By joining processes into a cell, takt times can be established to develop “pull” and “one-piece-flow”.  Demonstration has proved that the cell has reduced the number of steps and operators needed to complete jobs, freeing employees up to improve capacity.  Several of the “7-Wastes” of Lean, such as motion, transportation, and waiting have decreased, but most importantly, work in processes (WIP) has minimized.  The Large Box Cell is another starting point for continuous improvement as Bull Metal finds more ways to become more efficient and find smarter ways to manufacture products.

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