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Custom Aluminum and Steel Toolboxes

Custom Aluminum and Steel Toolboxes

Custom Aluminum and Steel Toolboxes

Custom Aluminum and Steel Toolboxes, Bull Metal Aluminum and Steel Toolboxes for Sale: Bull Metal offers a wide variety of designs and fabricates custom tool cases & boxes for original equipment tool manufacturers. We also produce them for distributors that repackage and sell tools and equipment. From specialty tool boxes and cabinets to custom drill indexes and large tool chests, we manufacture quality boxes that can be designed to meet your specific requirements. Our toolboxes are durable and ideal for storing small tools, parts, or tackle. Sized just right for the car, boat or camper use, our rugged toolboxes feature a full-length steel tray, piano hinge and rust-resistant powder coat finish. This all steel toolbox is perfect any craftsman from the novice to the professional! If you are not subscribed to our email list, please do so by clicking this link. Subscribers will have a chance to participate in a contest to win one.

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Workplace Safety and Fire Equipment

First aid boxes


Workplace Safety and Fire Equipment: Bull Metal is a manufacturer of many types of safety and emergency equipment. We specialize in manufacturing safety pieces. Having the right type of safety equipment could mean life or death for your staff. Listed below are some of the safety equipment we manufacture.

Fire Annunciator Panels
If you have an addressable fire alarm system, you’ve probably seen your fire alarm annunciator panel. This is the panel (usually in the front of your building) that has a blueprint of your building along with a variety of lights and displays that indicate where a fire alarm was set off. Functions of the annunciator panel vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but they all serve the same purpose: detecting problems and alerting the user to where the problem started, what caused it, and what (if any) sprinklers or other devices are working.

First Aid Boxes
A box containing medical supplies for minor emergencies.

Metal Lens Cleaning Stations
For the cleaning of safety glasses

Fire Alarm Control Panels
A Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP), Fire Alarm Control Unit (FACU), or simply Fire alarm panel is the controlling component of a Fire alarm system

Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels
An addressable fire alarm system is made up of a series of fire detectors and devices that are connected back to a central control panel. With addressable systems, each device has an address or location, enabling the exact detector that was triggered to be quickly identified
Backup Power Box for IP Communicators. Mass Notification Uninterruptible Power Supplies provide high-performance backup power for the IP Communicators (IPC).


Phone: (860) 346-9691
Fax: (860) 346-2722
E-mail: sales@bullmetal.com
Website: www.bullmetal.com



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