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Tool Box Organization

Tool Box Organizationtool box organization

Bull Metal has been a manufacturer of steel tool boxes since 1954. From specialty tool boxes and cabinets to custom drill indexes and large tool chests, we manufacture quality boxes that can be designed to meet your specific requirements. After receiving your tool box, there are certain steps you can take to keep it clean and organized which will keep your tools clean and organized. Keeping your toolbox organized has many benefits; it prevents theft, cuts down misplaced tools, and ensures that tools that get damaged don’t get unnoticed.



1. Place heavier tools in the bottom drawers. This provides stability and has the added benefit of keeping heavy tools near ground level for chests that are portable.

2. Put sockets and commonly used small tools in the top drawers so that they are easily accessible.

3. Purchase a label maker to mark which tools are in which drawer.

4. Use dividers to keep small nuts and bolts separate from each other.

5. Fix or throw out broken or damaged tools. These take up space and can be a liability.

6. Try sorting tools by function. If you often use 2 specific tools together, store them in the same drawer.

7. Clean oil and grease stained tools with paint thinner. BE SURE TO WEAR A MASK AND WORK IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA.

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Steel Tariffs; Do they help us or hurt us?

It is clear that the current administration stands squarely on the side of the American worker, and looks to the private sector to provide the jobs.  To make that happen, the government must provide an atmosphere that gives business the confidence to invest in themselves because they feel it will be profitable to do so. From research and development of new products, to higher efficiency production techniques, it is all driven by the profit motive which is the inherent driver of free market capitalism.  There are a lot of areas that the government has the ability to impact in creating the necessary positive atmosphere for American business to flourish, international trade is one.

Currently there is a lot of discussion about the steel industry.  Many say that American steel companies (and thus American steel workers) are hurt by foreign countries “dumping” steel in America. Dumping refers to artificially low prices usually due to foreign governments subsidizing their steel producers for product sold to other countries.  The effect is a corrupted market and unfair competition for non-subsidized producers.

Most would find history shows that tariffs create trade wars and in the long run lower economic activity for all parties – which would hurt workers in all countries.  Will a steel tariff help all Americans, or just the steel workers?  Below are some links to articles related to proposed tariffs on foreign steel.





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