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Custom Steel Security Cabinet Fabrication & Manufacturing

The rack mounted electronics enclosure highlighted here was designed for use in a building security application. Over our almost 60 years of experience we have fabricated all types of electro mechanical enclosures, including many custom rack mounted designs such as this. Our designs take into account the most cost effective manufacturing processes and materials, always ensuring the structural integrity of a quality enclosure as the finished product. Our broad metal working capabilities allow us great flexibility to meet a wide range of customer specifications and needs. This particular product was fabricated from 18 gauge cold rolled steel. The raw CRS sheets were sheared to size; the blanks were then punched out on a CNC turret press, the individual components were formed using one of our brake presses, and then spot-welded together where required. PEM studs and nuts were pressed in place using a pem-serter machine. The enclosure was finished with the application of a black textured powder coating. Custom Rack Mount Enclosure with Hinged Cover | Custom Steel Security Cabinets

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Custom Rack Mount Enclousure with Hinged Cover

This electronic enclosure measured 19” in length, 18.50” in width, 6.687” in height. At Bull Metal Products, Inc. designing, sampling, and producing custom rack mount enclosures is our specialty. To learn more about this product, or the processes used to fabricate it, see the table below or contact us directly.

Highlights of this Custom Fabricated Rack Mounted Electronics Enclosure

Product Description Rack Mount electronic enclosure for the security industry –
specifically with regard to access control a building
Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Blanking /Punching
Welding: Spot Welding
Insertion of PEM studs and nuts
Powder Coating
Equipment Used to Manufacture
Shear, CNC Turret Press, Brake Press, PEM Inserter,
Spot Welder, Powder Coat Booth.
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 19″
Width: 18.50″
Height: 6.687″
Material Used 18 gage CRS
Material Finish BMP #19 Black Textured Powder Coat
In process testing/inspection
Continuous Dimensional and Appearance Inspection After
Each Phase of Production;

  1. Flat Blanks: Program Verification, Template Comparison
  2. Formed Component Parts
  3. Welded Assemblies
  4. Pre-Pack
  5. Pre-Ship
Industry for Use Security / Access Control Industry
Delivery Location CT, VT, NY, MA, ME, PA, OH, TX, MD
Standards Met Internally Designed to Meet Customer Requirements, 2D
CAD Drawing
Product Name Rack Mount Access Control Enclosure

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