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Custom Tool Boxes & Metal Tool Cases

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Custom Rack Mount Enclosure with Hinged Cover | Custom Tool Boxes & Metal Tool Cases

Custom Tool Cases & Boxes
Custom Tool Boxes & Metal Tool Cases

Bull Metal Products, Inc. designs and fabricates custom tool cases & boxes for original equipment tool manufacturers, and distributors that repackage and sell tools and equipment.

From specialty tool boxes and cabinets to custom drill indexes and large tool chests, we manufacture quality boxes that can be designed to meet your specific requirements.

Industries & Applications

  • OEM Tools
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Industrial


  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Galvanized

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Metal Tool Boxes and Custom Tool Cases

When you need metal tool boxes that are manufactured to your exact specifications and built to last, the custom tool cases manufactured by Bull Metal Products, Inc. are the answer. We specialize in fabricating custom tool boxes for both distributors and original equipment tool manufacturers, and we know we can create the ideal solution for your tool storage needs.

Applications for Our Metal Tool Boxes

Since our metal tool boxes are built specifically for you, the applications are literally endless Our custom tool boxes will make life easier by ensuring your tools and accessories are safely captured to protect them in an organized easily accessed manner.. Our custom tool boxes can be fabricated from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, galvanealed steel, cold-rolled steel, and aluminum to withstand even the harshest environments the end users may encounter.

Our Custom Tool Cases Fabrication Process

The fabrication process we use for our metal tool boxes is extremely thorough and leaves nothing to chance. We know the importance of precision when crafting custom tool cases and we use intense, rigorous processes to ensure your complete satisfaction. While the exact fabrication process varies based upon the specifications of the custom tool boxes we are creating, we usually use these steps:

  • Step 1: Gain an understanding of what you as, our customer, are looking for in a tool case. What tools,accessories, manuals, etcneed to fit into the custom tool case that we design exclusively for you.  Upon coming up with a design that meets your approval, we will provide a sample for your hands on evaluation of the custom tool box verify fit, function, and aesthetic appeal of our design.


  • Step 2: Component Creation – We use a combination of shearing, blanking, punching, and forming to meticulously craft each individual component of your metal tool box. Inherent in our processes is multiple inspection points to verify each measurement. Expertise in the calculation sheet yields that minimizes waste is critical to insure cost effective pricing for you and profitability for us.


  • Step 3: Welding – We weld together the interior and exterior components of the custom tool box to guarantee it can stand up to daily use for years to come. Typically most custom tool boxes are spotwelded, but some custom tool cases are required to be mig or tig welded to meet certain design criteria established with you the customer in the design phase of the project.


  • Step 4: Powder Coating – In preparation for the application of a powder coated finish, each partis thoroughly degreased and iron phosphated in our 3 stage degreasing system.  This assures that all surfaces are completely clean, with the necessary iron phosphate surface for superior adhesion of the industrrialgrade powder coating we apply. The powder coated finish is durable, and can be had in virtually any color desired.


  • Step 5: Final Assembly and Packaging – Final assemble may include riveting hardware, application of foam pads, keeper chains, screen-printing, etc. Screen-printing is a great way to make the tool box very proprietary by applying your name and logo permanently on the cover of the tool box.  Boxes are then packed and skidded for shipment.

At Bull Metal Products, Inc., we are experts at designing and manufacturing specialty metal tool boxes in an extremely efficient and economical way. Our highly qualified craftsmen can also bring your own custom tool box designs to life. With multiple quality checks and careful attention to detail, we deliver perfection with every custom tool case. Contact us today to find out what our metal tool boxes can do for your company.

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