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Custom Metal Drill-Tap Index (Custom Fabricated Small Parts Organizer)

Custom Metal Drill-Tap Index

The 18 hole drill-tap index highlighted here was designed to function as both a portable index that can fit in a tool box/tool bag, and also as a bench-top index that stands up presenting drill bits and taps in an organized manner that is easy to see and access. It was fabricated from 20 gage cold rolled steel, and finished with an attractive and durable burgundy powder coat.

Fabrication began with the shearing of the raw 20 gage CRS sheets stock to allow for best sheet yield when run in a computer numeric controlled (CNC) turret press. The blanks were then punched out with one of our CNC turret presses. The blanks take shape when formed with one of our CNC hydraulic brake presses. Quality control throughout these processes was maintained through dimensional inspection, and the use of template comparison.

Metal Fabrication of 18 Hole Drill Tap Index

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Metal Fabrication of an 18 Hole Drill-Tap Index for the Manufacturing

The formed components were resistance welded, with dimensional inspections verifying locational accuracy. The welded components were then thoroughly cleaned in preparation for powder coating. Once the powder coating was cured and inspected the box components were screen-printed with our customer’s name and logo and then sent for final assembly which required pneumatic riveting. The finished box which measured 6.12” in length, 4.18” in width, and 1.28” in height, received a final inspection which included customer product fit (bits and taps placed in index) to test fit and function assuring quality before being shipped to the customer.

This project exemplifies our ability to custom design and manufacture specialty items that meet our customer’s needs in a cost effective economical manner. This project was completed from design through sampling for approval to delivery on time to the customer. To learn more about this project, or the processes used to manufacture it, see the table below or contact us directly.

Highlights of this Custom Fabricated 18 Hole Drill-Tap Index

Product Description This drill tap index is used to organize drills and taps in a
simple, compact index that stands up for easy visibility and
access when on a shop bench
Precision Metal Forming
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Blanking /Punching
Spot Welding

  • Pop Riveting


Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Shear, CNC Turret Press, Brake Press,
Spot welder, Powder Coating Paint Booth, Pneumatic Rivet Machine
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 6.12″
Width: 4.18″
Height: 1.28″
Material Used 20 gage CRS (Cold Rolled Steel)
Material Finish BMP #124 Burgundy Powder Coat
In process testing/inspection performed Continuous Dimensional and Appearance Inspection After Each Phase of Production;

  1. Flat Blanks: Program Verification, Template Comparison
  2. Formed Component Parts
  3. Welded Assemblies
  4. Pre-Pack
  5. Pre-Ship
Industry for Use Manufacturing Industry, Automotive Repair, Facilities
Maintenance, Construction Industry
Delivery Location CA, WI, NJ, MI, IL, MN, CT, MD
Standards Met Internally Developed Product, Meeting Customer Driven Needs.
Product Name 18 Hole Drill-Tap Index

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