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You should not run a business without a suggestion box”.

Regardless of what type of business you operate, getting feedback from your employees, your venders, and your customers is critical to you the success of your business. New ideas and feedback helps you to see things from someone else’s perspective. Acting on constructive feedback helps your company to continuously improve.

For sure, some people don’t like to make waves – be they good or bad waves – they do not want to attract attention to themselves. A suggestion box prominently displayed for easy, but anonymous feedback is a sure way to offer your employees a comfortable way to bring forward ideas and concerns they may have. For most companies, employees are their most important asset. Why not allow that “asset” to bring forth ideas that merit discussion by management?

Depending on your type of business, suggestion boxes can be also be located in appropriate locations to allow customer or suppliers to bring forth comments you might not get without the availability of this anonymous form of communication.

Bull Metal Products produces attractive high quality suggestion boxes. Made from steel with a powder coated finish, our suggestions boxes are light weight, durable, secure, and aesthetically pleasing. Bull Metal Products can also supply a pen and pad to that makes the suggestion box operational upon opening the carton. The pen has a coiled cord attached and it also includes a “docking station” for the pen that can be secured to the suggestion box.

Do not feel limited to the images pictured here. With over 60 years of experience designing and fabricating a wide variety of custom sheet metal products, we can produce suggestion boxes in various styles to meet the very specific size, shape, and orientation to fit the space requirements or limitations you may have. We have a wide variety of standard color powder coated finishes to choose from. The suggestion boxes can be screen-printed with company name, logo, or other information if desired. Fasteners to mount the box to a wall are included.

Contact our sales team to discuss the specifics of your requirements today, and REMEMBER;

Feedback can help your company to continuously improve!

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