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How to winterize your home

how to winterize your home

New Englanders were spoiled in October with warm weather. However, with temperatures topping out only in the low 40s this coming weekend, it might be safe to say winter is on the way. We have compiled a list of ways on how to winterize your home and keep your heating bill lower this year.
1. Change your furnace filters. Dirty filters restrict flow and increase energy usage. Consider purchasing a permanent filter which is 88% better a capturing bacteria, mold, viruses, and pollen. They are more expensive but will save you money overall.
2. Run your fans in reverse. This will move hot air back down from the ceiling and cut your heating costs as much as 10%.
3. Place a “draft snake” or rolled towel under your door to keep drafts from seeping in under them.
4. Install storm door and windows. These act as seals and protect against drafts by reducing airflow. Simply installing these will increase your energy efficiency by 45%.
5. Keep an eye in the thermostat. Simply turning down the heat when you leave will save you about 1 to 3% off your heating bill. Purchase a programmable thermostat for about $50 and you can save up to $180 a year.
6. Make sure to caulk and seal your windows. You can use a stick of incense to test the would-be places that have drafts in your home. It is especially important to check around chimneys and foundations. Observe where the smoke waivers with the incense and that seal it with a caulking gun.
7. Insulate your pipes. This can help with your hot water bill and also assists in preventing your pipes from freezing.
8. Have an HVAC expert check your furnace. Make sure it is running at optimal efficiency to keep heating costs down.
9. Put on a sweater! A sweater adds 4 degrees of heat to your body. You can keep your thermostat down and still feel warm.
10. Use the oven during awake hours to heat your home. With all that holiday baking you need to do, this should be an easy one.
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