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Industrial Metal, Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Galvanized Steel Storage Cabinets

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Industrial Metal Storage Cabinet

Bull Metal Products, Inc. manufactures and stocks a wide variety of industrial cabinetry for organizing and storing small parts.

Manufacturers and distributors of fasteners, electrical connectors, and other small parts find it convenient and effective to market their products in one of our cabinets.

Private Label; Our stock cabinetry can be custom painted and screen printed with your company name and logo to distinguish your company from your competitors.

If our standard line of cabinetry does not meet your needs, call us to discuss custom made storage cabinet options. Let us help you design the cabinet that meets your specific requirement.

Industries & Applications

Bull Metal Catalog
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  • Automotive
  • Access Control
  • Communications
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment Controls
  • Control Panels


  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanized Steel

Check out more custom industrial metal storage cabinets in our Photo Gallery.

Example Industrial Metal Storage Cabinets Jobs


Industrial Metal Storage Cabinets and Custom Metal Cabinetry

Whether you are looking for an attractive and simple way to organize fasteners, connectors, and other small parts, or you want an effective marketing display or custom metal cabinet to promote your brand and products, Bull Metal Products, Inc. manufacturer’s industrial metal storage cabinets that will get the job done with style and efficiency. Choose from our stock industrial metal cabinets and storage products or opt for a custom metal cabinet that can meet your exact specifications and will proudly represent your company’s products and image in the marketplace. Either way, you will have metal cabinetry that will last for generations.

Applications for Our Industrial Metal Storage Cabinets

While the possibilities for our metal storage cabinets are virtually limitless, they are ideal for use in the automotive, industrial, tool, fastener, hardware and construction industries. Additionally, our custom metal storage cabinets are a great vehicle to promote your company’s brand name and message as well as guaranteed repeated sales due to cabinet contents replenishment. Custom metal storage cabinets provide a great return on investment for many years to come. Our complete line of stocked storage products can also be customized by painting with your company color, and screen-printing your company name, logo, website, etc, to make your offerings standout form your competitors.

Our Custom Metal Cabinetry Fabrication Process

The unique, in-depth fabrication process used for our industrial metal storage cabinets ensures that every piece of cabinetry that leaves our facility is flawless and built to last. We inspect our craftsmanship and double-check our measurements continuously to make sure the standard or custom metal cabinet you order will exceed your expectations, and we do it by following these steps.

    • Step 1: Construct the Components – Every part of the manufacturing process of our industrial metal storage cabinets is done in-house. The design process is built around what our customer is going to use the product for. Once the design is approved we will produce a sample to make sure the product is correct in fit and function.


    • Step 2: Weld the Joints – To guarantee the custom metal cabinetry we create will be able to withstand rigorous use and harsh environments the product was designed for, we spot weld, tig weld or mig weld depending on the type of material and to meet certain criteria addressed in the design phase of the metal cabinet.


    • Step 3: Powder Coat the Surfaces – Once the product is completed and inspected it is thoroughly degreased and iron phosphate is applied in our 3 stage degreasing system. This assures that all surfaces are completely clean and ready for the industrial high grade powder coating we apply. The powder coated finish is highly durable and can be had in virtually any color.


  • Step 4: Perform Final Assembly, Inspection and Packaging – The final assembly stage may include screen printing your company’s brand, or message on the cabinet to proudly represent your products and image in the marketplace. Final assembly will also include installing hardware, locks, door handles, hardware packs, instructions, etc. Every finished product will then go through a final inspection and packed and skidded for shipment.

Our industrial metal storage cabinets are the finest available on the market today, and we are always available to work with you to design and manufacture a custom metal cabinet for your exact needs. Contact us today to find out how our custom metal cabinetry can improve your day-to-day operations.

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