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Multi Purpose Steel Cabinet

This multi-purpose steel cabinet was built to house a fireman’s phone but can be used for a variety of purposes.

Fabrication began with shearing sheets to sizes that will give us the best sheet yield for the flat blanks that are punched on one of our CNC turret presses. The door and back-box are made with .048” (18 gage.) cold rolled steel. The interior dead front partition is made with a .050” (16 gage) 5052 aluminum alloy. Components were formed utilizing brake presses to tolerances as required by product design. This fireman’s phone cabinet was designed to house a phone which enables a fireman to communicate within a distressed building. Fabrication required processes and materials that would enable the box to meet requirements of various governing agencies.multi purpose steel cabinet

This multi purpose steel cabinet has formed components were then joined with spot welds. This assembly also required the insertion of various threaded inserts; Pem studs, nuts, and stand offs, which were inserted using a Pem insertion press. The completed component parts (door, backbox, deadfront partition) were degreased and prepped for powder coating with the application of iron phosphate primer. Our BMP # 161 red textured powder coat was applied, followed by application of the screen-printed image on the door. All of the work involved in producing this product is completed in-house allowing Bull Metal to control and monitor each and every step in production of this multi-purpose steel cabinet.

Bull Metal Products is a manufacturer of sheet metal, rigid wire, and tubing products. We are also steel cabinet manufacturers. Quality products and excellent customer service has been the key to our steady growth over the past 59 years. Bull Metal started operations out of a barn in rural Connecticut in 1954. We currently occupy a 40,000+ square foot facility in Middletown, CT. Now a second generation family business, we have a commitment to excellence that will assure continuity of the business for the next generation.

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