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Steel Document and Data Storage Boxes

Steel Document and Data Storage BoxesSteel Document and Data Storage Boxes

Steel Document and Data Storage Boxes: Bull Metal recently completed a custom job for a customer that requested stackable metal document/data storage boxes.  The boxes are made with 22 gage cold rolled steel and powder coated light gray.  Although it is light gage sheet metal, they are very rigid, and being steel can be stacked much higher than corrugated boxes.

Design features include a pad-lockable catch, (2) drop handles to facilitate handling, and embossed feet that align with de-bossed projections in the cover. This feature is key for safe stacking.  First the boxes cannot easily slide off one another when stacked. Second, the boxes are properly aligned so stacking does lean (if floor is level).  This is particularly important the higher they are stacked.

Steel Document and Data Storage Boxes

As boxes go they are significantly more costly than corrugated. However the benefits of metal storage boxes are important to note. Metal boxes are strong and durable and can be re-used for many years.  Metal boxes can be stacked higher than corrugated boxes.  Documents and data storage devices are better protected because the boxes will not collapse and deform the paper files or crush other data storage devises stored in them.  Because they can be locked, casual access to the information stored within is eliminated.  High stack-ability can mean lower warehouse square footage requirements.  The long term durability of metal boxes, and lower cost for warehouse space should be considered when comparing the total cost of corrugated document storage boxes to metal document storage boxes.


Steel Document and Data Storage Boxes


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