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Automotive Custom Cabinet Marketing Programs

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If your company is in the Automotive Aftermarket Parts business then you know the competition is fierce in getting the installer to stock and use your product. Stocking dealer cabinet programs can be the perfect vehicle for your products growth. Having a custom designed storage cabinet in the installers place of business with your brands logo and message clearly displayed on the cabinet as well as having your product on hand for the installers immediate use is the result of a successful cabinet program. Continuous replenishment of cabinet contents will provide repeat sales for an average of seven years. Bull Metal has a line of stock cabinets that can be finished in any color and can be labeled or screen printed with your company’s logo and message. We are an industry leader specializing in custom cabinet design and will manufacture a high quality cabinet for your products specific needs.

Bull Metal Products offers many options to assist your company in creating and supporting successful cabinet programs. Kan Ban Supply Agreements to our customers as an efficient way to assure on-time delivery and minimize dollars tied up in inventory. Drop ship programs that can ship product directly to jobbers or dealers. In house design, powder coating, screen printing and labeling just to name a few.

Stocking Dealer Cabinet Programs have been an important and successful marketing vehicle for increased product sales, brand awareness and new product introduction for as long as vehicles have been on the road.

Let our company go to work for yours in creating and supporting a cabinet program that will proudly represent your company’s products and image in the marketplace.

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